A Brief Guide To Explore Coral Gables’ Canals

The Coral Gables Canals are an intricate, beautiful, unique element of the city’s makeup.

We invite you to explore and find the Miami metropolitan area of South Florida’s most standout destinations. This guide explains the fascinating history of Coral Gables’ Canals with its enchanting Venice-like waterways and leads the way to discovering the heart of our home in the city.

The History of Coral Gables, an American Venice

George Edgar Merrick was a famous real estate developer and the main planner and builder of Coral Gables. He masterminded the canals in an effort to help shape Coral Gables as an “American Venice”, which would be complemented by grand homes and broad boulevards named after Spanish explorers. Many of his visions hold true, but all have grown to assume a diverse blend of local culture and style.

Walking The Canals

One of the best ways to explore Coral Gables’ Canals & Waterways is to check out Google Maps and walk them. Just around the corner from Thesis Hotel, the Mahi Waterway runs up under Ponce de Leon Boulevard. Walking north along the water, you’ll visit a few local spots like Titanic Brewery, Alex Rodriguez Park, Cobb Stadium, and Lake Osceola.


Coral Gables Waterway

The Mahi Waterway runs north and then east through the city of Miami, connecting to other bodies of water like the Miami River and Biscayne Bay.

Following the Coral Gables Waterway, travelers can visit local attractions like AD Doug Barnes Park—a sprawling urban green space with grassy lawns and a gorgeous lake. You can then follow it north to explore more local bodies of water like Blue Lagoon, Lake Joanne, and Lake Maher. Above that, you can catch the Miami River and head east through Downtown Miami all the way to Brickell Point.

Get lost in Coral Gables’s Canals & Waterways

Head out from Thesis Hotel towards the east to explore more waterways and canals by the shore. These adventures can lead you to beautiful local attractions like Cartagena Park, Lago Monaco, Leucadendra Park, and the incomparable Kampong National Tropical Botanical Garden.

You can do a lot with a map of Coral Gables, using it to follow these waterways will give you a glimpse into the vision of the city set forth over a century ago and provide you with access to its greatest modern attractions.

Discover more of Coral Gables

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