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Hydrology at THesis — South Florida's premier wellness facility

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a comprehensive range of science-backed wellness services

Hydrology is the only wellness center in Miami with concierge medicine, functional recovery technologies, massage therapy, aesthetic treatments, and rejuvenation services, led by a quadruple board-certified physician.

We offer patients a one-of-a-kind experience that blends convenient “in-home” and “office-based” care, holistic wellness, and aesthetic treatments. All therapies, treatments, and products are thoroughly vetted, measured, and custom-tailored by their physicians and aesthetic specialists to offer real and effective solutions to enhance your well-being, vitality, and beauty.

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THesis x Hydrology Specials

Exclusive Offers for THesis Hotel Guests

Recover from your travels, parties, athletic events, or simply pamper yourself at Hydrology Wellness, THesis Official Wellness Center and Spa!

The THesis Guest Special

Complimentary Infrared Sauna or Red Light Therapy Session Add-on when you book a Facial or Massage

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*Cost vary on Service Selection
*Add-ons Valued at $45-$70


Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge, and any IV Treatment with a Complimentary Booster Add-on!

Ask us about upgrading to Cryotherapy!

*Cost vary on Service Selection
*Add-ons Valued at $50

Wellness Events at THesis

Every Saturday

9 am

Free Gentle Warrior Yoga Flow

Complimentary yoga class welcome to all levels to create a gentle start to your Saturday morning. Connect to your breath and awaken the body through mindful stretches, warrior 2, tree pose, and savasana: final relaxation.